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Beautician Classes Take You Beyond the Classroom

Get your skills with our beautician classes!

Going to cosmetology school is more than just learning a trade—our students learn a craft. In addition to classroom learning, our students also learn with their hands. Being able to learn beyond the classroom ensures that our students take the skills they learned to get farther in their career. Discover more when you enroll in the beautician classes at Avery James School of Cosmetology

What do Beautician Classes at Avery James Have in Store for Me?

The Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology requires students to complete a 1500 hour curriculum to achieve a cosmetology license. Luckily for you, Avery James’ program fits the bill. Our program covers the basic knowledge and techniques where students develop skills such as:

  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Shaping
  • Permanent Waving
  • Hair Relaxing
  • Hair Coloring
  • Facial Makeup
  • And Thermal Heat Processing.

Students also obtain a basic understanding of science, business management, and state law as it relates to cosmetology. With the use of classroom lectures, demonstrations, manikin practice, visual and audio aids, as well as supervised salon experiences, our students are given every opportunity to learn as much as they can.

Skills that Last Beyond the Classroom

Anyone can learn the in’s and out’s of a craft. But this knowledge means little when you lack the experience necessary for the job. Thankfully being a student at Avery James ensures you’ll get experience beyond the classroom. After all, they do say that practice makes perfect. So what’s a better way to prepare for your new career than by actually doing it? 

Taking the time to get hands-on training in the salon means so much for your future. With this training, you’ll have the upper hand on your competition by graduation, regardless of what school they attended. In the cosmetology business, word of mouth and proof of your work is the fastest way to get clients. By already having a portfolio of real-world examples of your developed skills, you’ll be ahead of the curve. In the end, time in the classroom isn’t killing time, it’s valuable time you’re investing in your future.

Start Your New Career by Enrolling in the Best Beautician Classes

It’s time for a change! Start your new life right here in Lake Charles on Ryan Street next to the Market Basket and enroll at Avery James School of Cosmetology. We provide affordable, quality instruction that will help you get your life on the path to success. 

To begin your path to success, just contact the staff at Avery James for more information online! We’ll have you schedule a tour or an admissions interview with us. Begin your beautician classes and work for a brighter tomorrow.

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