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Beauty Classes in Lake Charles

Lake Charles Beauty School, Avery James School of Cosmetology

Are you the type of person who always gets asked by friends to do their hair, help with their makeup, or approve their outfit? Do you have an interest in beauty classes in Lake Charles, but you’re not sure whether to jump in with both feet?

Beauty School in Lake Charles LA

The Avery James School of Cosmetology offers beauty classes in Lake Charles that are well worth looking into. Our beauty classes in Lake Charles are offered both day and night. If you’re interested in either day classes or night classes, now is the time to all us.

Beauty Classes in Lake Charles

Lake Charles has a thriving beauty industry, with many hair and nail salons. According to official statistics, cosmetologists and hair stylists are a growing career, expected to grow much faster than average over the next few years. If you want to be eligible for those work is these careers, though, you’ll need a cosmetology license and the only way to do that is to attend beauty classes in Lake Charles and get training!

Why Avery James School?

Avery James School wants you to join the beauty revolution! Through our cosmetology program, we focus on helping students train for new careers. Our admissions team will work with you to ensure that you are ready for classes as soon as possible. If you’re not sure you are ready, give us a call or contact us and our admissions team will walk you through the requirements, class times and schedules, tuition costs, and financial aid. The admissions representatives at Avery James School are eager to help you! Start training for your new career.

Get Trained, Get Started!

Avery James School of Cosmetology is a local campus. That means the easiest way to get started and get trained is to schedule a tour of the campus. You can see the school and speak with an admissions representative and discuss financial aid possibilities as well. Call us at (337) 477-9265 or schedule a tour online right now!

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