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Beauty College in Lake Charles Offers Career Training

beauty college in lake charles

Career Training: Avery James School of Cosmetology

When you think of your current job, what do you enjoy about it? …Can you think of anything at all? Here are some common reasons people tend to dislike their jobs:

  • Long shifts 
  • Weekend work
  • Low pay
  • No flexibility

If you identify with all these, then maybe it’s time to make a change. At Avery James School of Cosmetology, a fully accredited beauty college in Lake Charles, students get real-world career training to prepare them for the future. Training at Avery James School of Cosmetology will allow you to find a career that you can truly enjoy!

The Career Training Difference

So, what exactly is “career training?” Let’s start with the word “career.” A job could be any employment that pays your money, a CAREER implies more commitment, passion, and progress. If you’re sick of your dead-end shift work, then it’s probably time to switch to working towards a real career. But how do you get started? 

To begin your journey to a career you love, you need proper training. But it may not be what you think. It’s a different experience than traditional four-year college or certificate programs. That’s because career training is more focused on the actual careers students are seeking. A student in a career school (such as Avery James School of Cosmetology) doesn’t have to worry about generic, unrelated classes. And, career training is taught by instructors with REAL experience in the field, while also giving students hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art salon at Avery James. 

Beauty College in Lake Charles

The Avery James School in Lake Charles teaches knowledge and techniques for all things related to hair, nails, and makeup. Classes include hairstyling, hair shaping, hair relaxing, hair coloring, permanent waving, and thermal heat processing. And that’s all in addition to learning nails, makeup, and facials! Students graduate from Avery James with a comprehensive education in the beauty industry. This knowledge can be a HUGE strength when you get out in the field. 

So, if you want to become a professional stylist, makeup artist, or manicurist, this could be your perfect start! It’s an exciting program that teaches students to become high-quality cosmetologists.

Why Avery James School?

At Avery James School of Cosmetology, we provide a high-quality experience from the moment you first call until you graduate from our program. We know this is a big decision for anyone and we want to help you to make the right decision about your future. Additionally, we offer access and guidance to financial aid to students who qualify. We’re happy to be able to help students get their dream education so they can achieve their dream careers.

Contact Our Beauty College in Lake Charles

Avery James School of Cosmetology in Lake Charles is located on Ryan Street. We’re easily accessed from downtown Lake Charles and the 210 loop. We’re here for anyone looking to start an exciting new path of career training! 

Are you interested in taking a tour of our campus? Maybe you want to talk to someone in the admissions department? Or do you want to start the enrollment process right now? Feel free to call us at (337) 477-9265. We’re here to answer all the questions you might have concerning our cosmetology program, our hair salon, and our admissions process. Let’s get you on the right track together.

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