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What’s Hair Stylist Training Really Like?

November 14, 2018

Are you the Queen of Curls in your group of friends? Does everyone ask you for advice on products? Is your bathroom cabinet full of more hair supplies than anything else? Do you always have at least one bobby pin on you for emergencies? If any of these statements apply to you, have you ever […]

Become a Self-Care Expert with Beautician Training

September 28, 2018

Self-care is one of the biggest topics of conversations right now in the media—and among friends. The term encompasses taking care of your mind, body, and soul. But it can mean something different to every single person. It can be taking a fun trip or indulging in your favorite dessert. For many people, self-care often […]

Career Options for Esthetician and Makeup Classes

September 4, 2018

A cosmetology program could lead to an exciting career. But, how do you know if esthetician and makeup classes are right for you? Here are a few questions to think about: Is your ideal Friday night staying in with a face mask and your Netflix account? Do your friends rely on you for your smoky […]

Become a Lake Charles Hair Stylist in 5 Steps

July 31, 2018

Meant to Be Did you grow up styling your dolls (and your little brother)? Does your bathroom cabinet overflow with products? Do you always end up helping your friends get ready for a night out? If you answered yes to any of these—have you considered a cosmetology career? You could become a Lake Charles hair […]

Learn Hairstyling at Beauty Classes in Lake Charles

June 1, 2018

Cosmetology is an appealing career to many. If you want to work as a hairstylist or cosmetologist, you’ll need to take beauty classes in Lake Charles or somewhere else. If you live in or around the Lake Charles area, you should consider Avery James School of Cosmetology. Learn Hairstyling Are you the friend that people […]

The Student’s Guide To Cosmetology School

May 4, 2018

The Student’s Guide to Cosmetology School: What You Need To Succeed We know that cosmetology school is a new and sometimes scary thing for people. But, if you’re here, it’s because you are considering joining Avery James School and creating a career for yourself! So, we’ve put together a The Student’s Guide to Cosmetology School. […]

How Manicurist Training Could Change Your Life

March 29, 2018

Avery James School is a college in Lake Charles that offers manicurist training as part of our full cosmetology program. Our passionate team knows that manicurist training could change the life of a student, which is why we take each course and class very seriously. We know that students attend Avery James School because they […]

Hair Stylist Classes Are An Investment In Yourself

January 31, 2018

Investing in yourself is something very few people talk about. Successful people invest in their own training or education so that they can become better at what they do. Have you been dreaming of getting trained so that you can start a career instead of just holding a job? Avery James School of Cosmetology is […]

Cosmetology School Includes Nail Tech Training

December 29, 2017

Avery James School of Cosmetology in Lake Charles is proud to offer a full cosmetology course which, among other things, includes classes focused on nail tech training. Whether you’re interested in makeup, skin care, nail treatment, or hair styling, our cosmetology school in Lake Charles can help. Nail Tech Training Included in the cosmetology program […]

5 Reasons to Attend Hair School

November 30, 2017

Many of our students wonder why they should invest their time and effort in hair school. So, here are 5 reasons to attend hair school in Lake Charles. 5 Reasons to Attend Hair School Affordable Tuition You can only attend school if you can afford to. That is obvious, but it holds many people back […]