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Avoid Bad Hair Mistakes! Go To Cosmetology School in Louisiana

Don't make bad hair mistakes again with an education from our cosmetology school in Louisiana.

Don’t Make These Hair Mistakes!

Most of us can remember cutting our dolls’ hair—or even a patient pet’s. Everyone gets tempted to take some beauty risks into their own hands every once in a while, right? That temptation can be especially strong during situations when you can’t visit your regular professionals. However, these mistakes could be avoided by going to cosmetology school in Louisiana.

  • Bang Trims Gone Wrong: We’ve all been tempted to take some scissors to our overly long bangs. We understand—fringe falling in your eyes can be so annoying! However, one wrong snip can make you regret it for weeks or even months. If you’re not yet a trained professional, grab some bobby pins or a headband. Use those to keep your bangs out of your eyes instead of those scissors. You need to take hair-cutting classes at an accredited cosmetology school before you grab the shears. While hair does grow back, it can be difficult to hide big mistakes.
  • Styling Burns And Damage: Sure, many people are great with a flat-iron or curling iron. However, they can still cause severe damage to your hair or skin. Additionally, too much heat and pressure on the hair can seriously fry it. You’ll be left with straw-like, lifeless strands. Even teasing too often and too vigorously can cause excessive hair breakage. This breakage can then result in frizzy, unkempt locks. For your appearance and the health of your strands, it pays off to get proper hair styling safety skills
  • Bad At-Home Dye Jobs: At-home hair color might be the most tempting. At the drugstore, there’s a wrong aisle full of boxes promising pretty, shiny shades. And they’re so affordable! What have you got to lose? However, they can end up costing you tons of grief and lots more money to fix them. Color change comes from chemicals, and anytime you put chemicals on your hair, you can damage it. Blonds can come out orange, dark brown can accidentally veer red, and blacks can be purple. Not only might you end up with a regrettable color, but your hair could get seriously fried. Getting it back to color you (or originally wanted) can take lots of time and money. More hair dye and chemicals and then do even more damage to your hair. That’s just a few reasons to leave hair coloring to the pros. 

Start A New Career With Cosmetology School in Louisiana

So, you definitely don’t want to risk your hair’s health or appearance. Therefore, you should leave these tasks to professionals. Do you want to make a career out of cutting, styling, and coloring hair? You could become one of these professionals yourself by attending Avery James School of Cosmetology. We’re right here in Lake Charles. Contact us to get more information about how our cosmetology school can change your life. We paused classes during the pandemic, but our admissions office is still open. Start the application process now!

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