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Go To Hair Stylist School For A More Exciting Life

Are you bored? We often spend more time at work than we do with our friends and family. A boring job can make for a boring life. Don’t be boring! If you’re feeling stuck in restaurants or retail job, you CAN change. With some passion and dedication, a new career is within reach. It’s time to think about hair stylist school.  

Follow Your Passion To Hair Stylist School

Is your favorite part of the day getting ready for it? Skincare hair, makeup—it’s a routine you have fun with and love. Having fun with color and products breaks up your otherwise uninteresting day. Maybe your favorite lunch break activity is browsing the beauty aisles. Or you find new makeup looks and new hairstyles on Pinterest on your phone. Well, you’ve made the first step by clicking onto Avery James’ website.

Hair Stylist School In the 21st Century

With the internet, it might seem like you can learn to do anything online. Thousands of YouTube makeup tutorials are out there. You can learn about hair styling and even coloring. But don’t be fooled! To take your future seriously, you need to take the preparation seriously. Plus, to have a real career you’ll need to get a license after graduating. And learning from YouTube videos isn’t serious learning. Real professionals teach the classes at Avery James. AND at our salon, students get real practice on real clients! What better way to prep for a new career than actually doing it?!     

What A Hair Stylist Job Could Be Like

Career opportunities for hair stylists and cosmetologists are growing faster than other jobs. That means you’ll have a pretty good chance at finding a place to work at a barbershop, salon, spa, hotel, or resort. You could even work for yourself! Here are some other perks to working as a hair stylist:

  • Every day is different—no more boring days! You’ll get to work with different people and will be doing different tasks. And if you love to talk, you won’t be stuck in a quiet office!
  • Schedules are usually flexible so this is a great career for moms. Prefer Mondays off? Want to work Saturday mornings to make some extra cash? That’s a possibility!
  • Have the chance to be creative each and every day! Whether you’re doing nails, hair, or makeup, you’ll be surrounded by color and style.
  • Learn the skills of the trade. Your makeup and hair will be even MORE on-point than it is now. You’ll have professional training during hair stylist school as well as new learning opportunities throughout your career.

Avery James School of Cosmetology

To get started on your new career, contact the admissions counselors at Avery James. You can also email us at or call us at (337) 477-9265. We’re even on Facebook! We look forward to helping make your career dreams come true.  

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