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Get More Than Nail Technician Training at Cosmetology School

If you want to become more than just a nail technician, see how our Lake Charles school can help you!

At Avery James School, we believe our students should have a well-rounded education in order to reach their full potential. So if you’re looking to become a nail technician, take a look into our cosmetology programs and see if our school is the right fit for you. Our cosmetology school is more than happy to help you expand your knowledge. With the right training in Lake Charles, you could become a well-rounded worker with a fulfilling career.

Benefits of a Diverse Skill-set

No matter if you choose to work in the salon or in an office, a diverse skill-set gives you an upper hand in your career. So, as a school that puts your education and future first, we’re more than happy to provide you with these essential services. But why is it important? 

  1. Becoming adaptable. Every job has its problem areas or difficult moments. And when they occur, you want to be the one to handle them. With the right skills, you can turn around a bad situation for your gain.
  2. More pay. Certain services require more work or a special touch. Because of this, you could be paid more for your services. 
  3. More hireable. When it comes down to it, employers want someone who can provide more services, bringing more people to their salon. By doing this, you also make yourself an invaluable member of the team.

Additional Beneficial Skills

On top of the hard skills, such as cutting hair and doing nails—we’re also teaching you “soft skills.” Soft skills are interpersonal skills that allow you to interact with clients on a more friendly level. These skills also teach you how to diffuse difficult situations or show off any products they may need. Some may not see why this is important, but take a moment to think about it. When we go to the salon, everyone loves to talk to their cosmetologist. Learning these skills allows you to utilize that for your career. 

Our Program

Avery James School currently has one program that contributes to a well-rounded education. Our cosmetology course is a 1500 hour curriculum designed to prepare you to obtain an operator’s license and begin working in the field. Along with basic skills, students also learn subjects relating to cosmetology, including: science, business management, and state law. 

Additionally, our salon allows you to practice a multitude of hair, makeup, and other miscellaneous treatments in order to better understand your craft. Some treatments include haircuts, styling, pedicures, beard trims, and more. If you have any questions concerning our program or salon, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Begin Your Training With Avery James School

If you’re a nail technician and want to broaden your horizons, begin your training at our Lake Charles school today. Avery James School is here if you have any questions about our staff or courses, so feel free to give us a call at 337-476-1421 for more information. We’re more than happy to help you expand your knowledge with the right education.

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