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The Evolution Of Beauty

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Beauty Trends Throughout The Decades

When you think of the past, you often think about their trends and styles. Both fashion and beauty can define a decade. Looking at the past 100 years, here are some of the beauty trends representing each decade. With beautician classes at Lake Charles’ Avery James School of Cosmetology, you could master all these looks. 

The Biggest Trends Of Every Decade

  • Flapper Bobs in the 1920s. Just like in the “The Great Gatsby,” the 1920s was the Jazz Age. Women’s dresses started getting shorter—and so did their hair. To copy this style, hairstylists would need to learn how to chop those long locks into bobs. Therefore, taking Class CO105: Principles of Haircutting would help. 
  • Hollywood Beauty in the 1930s. Of course, this decade ushered in the “Golden Age of Hollywood.” Pale faces, red lips, and thin eyebrows were the beauty standards of the day. So, you could take CO202: Facial Makeup to learn all the makeup tips and tricks.
  • Nail the 1940s Look. While nail polish had been around the U.S. since the 1920s, manicures in the 1940s started getting bolder. Recreate them with class CO301: Nail Tips, Wraps, and Enhancements.
  • 1950s Style and Substance. Glamorous hairdos were a daily occurrence in the 1950s. Curls, sets, twists, and waves were especially popular. Class CO105 also covers the Principles of Hairstyling. You’ll learn how to effectively use your combs, curlers, and bobby pins to craft beauty. 
  • Stay smooth in the 1960s. The miniskirt was born in the 1960s. Consequently, showing more leg increased the demand for smoother skin. CO203 Hair Removal covers the waxes and depilatories used to remove face and body hair.  
  • Keep the 1970s Au Natural. The Woodstock music festival in 1969 influenced the hippy, natural look of the 1970s. Black and white women embraced their natural hair texture. If you’re not styling your hair as much, focus on keeping it clean and healthy. Accordingly, CO104 Principles of Hair Design, Scalp Care, Shampooing & Conditioning can help.
  • 1980s: The Decade of Excess. More was more in the 1980s. The bigger the hair, the better. Take the CO108 Chemical Texture Services class. It covers the treatments used to change hair texture. That includes the big, curly perms everyone wanted in the 80s. 
  • The Highlights of the 1990s. Hair highlights were HUGE in the 1990s—literally and popularity-wise. The CO109 Haircoloring class covers all kinds of hair color processes. Learn to highlight, cover gray, bleach, and even do brights and neons. 
  • The Bronzed 2000s. Generally, tanning was very popular among white women in the beginning of the millennium. Back then, we saw sun-kissed as healthy, but today we know more about the dangers of too much sun. Keeping skin healthy is essential. CO110 Skin Structure, Growth & Nutrition will teach you more.  
  • Glowing Skin in the 2010s. Finally, the beauty trends of the past ten years included big eyebrows, bright hair colors, and “no-makeup” makeup. However, to get naturally beautiful, glowing skin, a good routine is necessary. The CO201 Facials class covers the best skin care methods and products. 

Take Lakes Charles Beautician Classes

Who knows what beauty trends will define the 2020s? After all, only time will tell. Join the cosmetology industry and be a part of beauty history! Learn more about yourself, goals, and interests by taking our Career Readiness Quiz. Then, enroll in Lake Charles beautician classes at Avery James School of Cosmetology. Experienced beauty professionals teach each one of these beauty courses. What’s more, students will get the chance to practice their new skills with real clients in our salon. Additionally, we’re now offering in-person and virtual appointments and tours. Start making your own history today!

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